Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lingering tussis!!!!

Tussies is in Latin and it is commonly known as common COLD!!!! yes it is one of the most common disease if it is very frequent and your nose has not been the same since the cold!

I have been having this persistent cough for the past few weeks & having gone through the usual treatment, it has not stopped. I have left this problem for too long and when I went to the doctors to check it out, I have had 2 X-Rays so far and now......I have to get a CT scan just to make sure it is something that I would not want to keep aside for too long. I have check out some topics on persistent cough & I was surprised to get so many information about it.

I would suggest if anyone has the same symptoms like I have had, just pop in to a clinic & check yourself out, if its nothing it would be great, isn't it? but if it was not, then you don't want to get the feeling" I should have done it before".

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Beautiful pattern in a Cappucinno

When you drink a cup of coffee, does it really matter that the presentation is good? I can't vouch for everyone but I do love seeing this kind of presentation and of course a strong coffee along with it. I guess this is one of the simple pleasures I would like to get when I wake up in the morning.

There are some times when I am in a hurry and grab a awful cup of gawd knows what coffee..& that actually starts a bad day for me. A coffee a day keeps a headache away, CAUTION doesn't work for everyone.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Sleepless Nights...

Having sleepless nights? Is it work related stress, related to studies or something to do with the heart related issues? We all do a Nighter once in a while...I have had the privilege to experience that in the past few weeks and it is definitely related to the above mentioned issues. Do I like it? I don't have a choice.
I was sitting around with some of my friends and we came about discussing about ways to keep yourself awake for those stressful unavoidable nights. I know for sure that I do take heaps of CAFFEINE(coffee). I thought that was bad enough with THINGS popping out of my face! It's not a pretty sight... Surprise surprise!! some of my friends were actually taking in caffeine pills to keep their poor eyes wide awake to finish whatever they are forced to do. This discussion went on for hours where we were analysing how it was affecting our day to day life! personally, this has been one of the reason i got sickly lately and my energy level went shooting down. One of them even started getting imaginary diseases(Gawd knows what!) Anyways my plan is to keep those early nights for some beauty sleep and world breaking news that I have won $10000000000000000000000000...

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


You go to a shop to get a pair of shoes and you end up buying a tie, perfume, shirt, socks...and you actually forget the the shoes! Have this ever happened to you? It happens to me most of the time I shop. So today I pass by a clothes shop & I go in to get a black shirt, guess what I bought at the end of the day...A photo frame from another shop.Shocking is what I can say. In the first place I didn't need a black shirt, it is just that I wanted one. Back home I sat down thinking about my behaviour and why I did it. Then I started googling for any possible reason why I do what I do, and this website had an interesting insight on the topic. I did a valence test which consisted of some Q&As, and turns out I am a compulsive shopaholic. I didn't like the results but hey it is true. Check it out for yourself.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Melbourne by night..I stand in awe at the view

This was taken from the Princes Bridge one evening, after a big dinner. Thought the walk would help me digest. Then I stood on the bridge next to the violinist who was playing so very melodiously...the timing was right and I had this beautiful sight in front of me..

WHat's Cooking!!

Ok it is my very first attempt to ever write anything public and it feels a bit strange to actually share something with everyone in the E-world. So what's cooking and what have I been missing?? I have been contemplating for a long time if I should even have a blog, and here I am now finally jumping in and join the cooking game with everyone else. Why do I use the word cooking? Cooking style is different with everyone. Someone once told me that even though one might have the same recipe for a dish, everyone will get a different result and I believe it is true. This means that I actually have to post some things now...for starters, I think I will be posting some photographs and I would love some tips from the professionals on how to get one of the best pictures. Then we can move on to the main which I have not thought of yet. Hope it's not a Fusty experience!!