Monday, January 14, 2008

Melbourne by night..I stand in awe at the view

This was taken from the Princes Bridge one evening, after a big dinner. Thought the walk would help me digest. Then I stood on the bridge next to the violinist who was playing so very melodiously...the timing was right and I had this beautiful sight in front of me..

WHat's Cooking!!

Ok it is my very first attempt to ever write anything public and it feels a bit strange to actually share something with everyone in the E-world. So what's cooking and what have I been missing?? I have been contemplating for a long time if I should even have a blog, and here I am now finally jumping in and join the cooking game with everyone else. Why do I use the word cooking? Cooking style is different with everyone. Someone once told me that even though one might have the same recipe for a dish, everyone will get a different result and I believe it is true. This means that I actually have to post some things now...for starters, I think I will be posting some photographs and I would love some tips from the professionals on how to get one of the best pictures. Then we can move on to the main which I have not thought of yet. Hope it's not a Fusty experience!!