Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lingering tussis!!!!

Tussies is in Latin and it is commonly known as common COLD!!!! yes it is one of the most common disease if it is very frequent and your nose has not been the same since the cold!

I have been having this persistent cough for the past few weeks & having gone through the usual treatment, it has not stopped. I have left this problem for too long and when I went to the doctors to check it out, I have had 2 X-Rays so far and now......I have to get a CT scan just to make sure it is something that I would not want to keep aside for too long. I have check out some topics on persistent cough & I was surprised to get so many information about it.

I would suggest if anyone has the same symptoms like I have had, just pop in to a clinic & check yourself out, if its nothing it would be great, isn't it? but if it was not, then you don't want to get the feeling" I should have done it before".

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