Sunday, June 20, 2010

Scenic Sydney

Say NO or forever hold your peace!

Do you want to join us for dinner, drinks? "you don't know the people, most likely would hate the conversation, might be left on your own the whole night etc etc...because you have been there before" Ans: Yes I would love to come.
How many times have someone said yes to many things that they know instinctively that they would not like.I don't speak for everyone,but it has been a long journey since I could say NO to people. Maybe I am too afraid to disappoint or think that such mingling would be fun. It does not happen in a day and needs quite a bit of awful experience to even come to this level. Even how bad I feel on turning down an offer I try to think what I could have done with those stolen moments... Maybe rock up a nice jewellery set that needs finishing (yes I make jewellery in my spare time, maybe next post). Whatever it is, it has been a liberating experience just saying NO and sitting down to have good quality time on my own.