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I am Diana Mutum (Mutum is a palindrome :D), a happy go lucky girl with a soft spot for Photography. I am a self-taught amateur photographer who is passionate about anything interesting that a still photo can capture. I grew up admiring the inspiring photos from the National Geographic magazines that my father use to subscribe and now I want to build my own library of great still photos.
One of my favourite past times besides photography is ogling at new gadgets and I have collected a few cameras along the way.
I am sure a lot of us have heard this comment, “Wow great picture, your camera must be really good!!”How many times have people commented on your photos that were actually quite decent? So the question is whether it is your CAMERA or YOU that took that fabulous picture. This starts my journey to find out whether it is the device or the creativity of a photographer for those resulting pictures. I had started this blog, about four and a half years ago not knowing what to start with and currently, I am hoping that I will fill this blog with my journey with photography and my own revelation to the above question.
Anyways that's me for the mean time and I will leave you with a favourite phrase of mine "Live and let live"!!

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