Monday, January 14, 2008

WHat's Cooking!!

Ok it is my very first attempt to ever write anything public and it feels a bit strange to actually share something with everyone in the E-world. So what's cooking and what have I been missing?? I have been contemplating for a long time if I should even have a blog, and here I am now finally jumping in and join the cooking game with everyone else. Why do I use the word cooking? Cooking style is different with everyone. Someone once told me that even though one might have the same recipe for a dish, everyone will get a different result and I believe it is true. This means that I actually have to post some things now...for starters, I think I will be posting some photographs and I would love some tips from the professionals on how to get one of the best pictures. Then we can move on to the main which I have not thought of yet. Hope it's not a Fusty experience!!


Dilip Mutum said...

What do you mean by "fusty".

Pegasus2you said...

it means stale or stuffy!!

Unknown said...

So this is what you have been up to. What about cooking nothing and sleeping at decent hours :)? Anyways congrats on the launch and there will be plenty of material for you to write on.